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A Violence Test

The Anger-Aggression-Violence Assessment (AAVA) is an evidence based self-report assessment instrument or test that focuses on anger, aggression and violence, which are characterized as being on an emotional continuum. More specifically, continuum theory postulates shades (or intensities) of Anger-Aggression and violence exist as points on a continuum of emotional reactivity. This continuum theory is based on the theorem that as anger increases, it can evolve into aggression, which in turn can intensify and evolve into violence.


AAVA Domain (Scales)

  1. Truthfulness scale
  2. Aggression Scale
  3. Alcohol Scale
  4. Violence Scale
  5. Anger Scale
  6. Stress Management Scale
  7. Drug Scale

Obviously, the emotional reactivity continuum theory stated here is an oversimplification. Nevertheless, it does help conceptualize Anger-Aggression-Violence Assessment (AAVA) usage. The AAVA is designed for both clinical practice (patients) and criminal justice (offender) violence risk assessment.

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